Synergy Gel For Success - Young Nails Complete Nail Professional

Searching for an odourless, non-porous, nail enhancement that gives as good as it gets?
Well, look no further than our award winning industry favourite: Synergy Gel.

This course will teach you how to boost your business with the Young Nails proven combination of all 3 of our nail services aimed at the ‘new to nails’ gel tech.

Our hands-on class covers everything you’ll ever want or need to know and more.

Including: natural nail preparation with Protein Bond, natural gel overlays, sculptured gel overlays, traditional and reverse backfills, electric nail file introduction and of course - Caption Polish application

ManiQ Gel Colour application is also included with this training class, promoting a healthy, natural nail lifestyle, great for your business as a high end spa service.

And when we’re done with that, we’ll show you how to teach your clients to “maintain the gel lifestyle.” That’s real synergy.

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