Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade
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Bulbs usually last around 500 working hours, 3 months for a busy gel nail tech. They wont blow like ..
We use this brush for applying glitter onto the ManiQ Colour - creating Rockstar Nails and Toes. ..
Adjustable high quality black Young Nails apron ..
Give your clients a little luxury with a colourful arm rest. Machine washable. Available in black, w..
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The finest quality acrylic brushes on the market. Only 100% pure Kolinsky hairs are used in an alumi..
Protect your brush with these attractive new diamante brush caps. Available in lilac and black. L..
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All you ever wanted to know about brush maintenance? Acrylic Brush Maintenence play Gel ..
Ensures an even curve on every nail, a must have for competition work, 7 pack. ..
Suitable for nail liquid. Reduces odours and contamination. Available in black and white ..
This pro series brush is the finest German Kolinskies manufactured. Hand crafted brush heads provide..
The Pro Gel Sculptor was designed for professional gel application. With a wide body, the user can s..
This pro series gel brushes is design with precision in mind. This brush was designed for accurate g..
- Designed to provide the ultimate performance - Ultra-sharp tips, making cuticles ea..
This detail brush allow you to create more intricate details to your deisgns 4mm Tip, Taklon hair..