Foil Remover Wraps (100)

Foil Remover Wraps  (100)
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Foil Remover Wraps (100 pack)

  • Ready-made foil wraps for fingers & toes
  • Wraps made from quality aluminum foil with a built in hem for added stability & a fixed absorbent pad Just soak the pad with removal solution & secure the wrap around the finger or toe
  • Cost effective -uses 50% less soak off remover
  • Significant time saving – up to 10 minutes per customer
  • Allow you to present a more professional image & customer service
  • No more sitting over a bowl - your clients will be free to move around, read a magazine or choose another treatment whilst soaking off.
  • Foil Nail Wraps are strong enough to unwrap and wrap again
  • Quick, simple to use, no mess, easy to dispose of after use & your clients will love them!!