How can you save time in the nail salon? Today Habib and Tracey discuss five easy changes you can make to your salon business that will help you shorten your services and ultimately make more money.

Today Tracey explains the differences between all of the nail files and buffers in the Young Nails line. She explains what the grit numbers mean, how to use each of them, and which part of the service she likes to use each one.

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The best selling nail primer in the UK by Young Nails ✔️

Today Greg is going to explain how to use Protein Bond for acrylic, hard gel, gel polish, and nail polish application.

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This is the leader in non-acid adhesion without the corrosive primers.

Our proprietary polymer bonds organically to the keratin structure and creates a stickier surface.

Bonds to the natural nail and provides an anchor for ALL gels, acrylic, gel polish and nail varnish.

In today’s video, Karen is going to explain what all of the Nail Brushes in the YN line are used for and the differences between them. Then she’ll walk you through how to clean and store them so that they last longer.

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This week's highlight from our live streams is a great one if you are not sure about using or switching to an electric file. Tracey shows Habib how to use an E-File when prepping and shaping a nail. We also showed what was in our Grab Bag.

Today Greg is going to show you how to use our Swipe Nail Cleanser to prep the natural nails, cleanse nail dust, and remove tacky dispersion layers.

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