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ManiQ Fibre Gel


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Product description

BIAB. This is the essential product for a classic natural-looking nail enhancement.  Mani•Q Fiber Gel + Keratin applies effortlessly and self-levels. Create a beautiful manicure with almost two weeks of extended wear because of incredible adhesion. Ideal for anyone interested in a bonus layer of protection for natural nails in transition.

Customer Reviews

(1 customer review)

1 review for ManiQ Fibre Gel

  1. Alex

    this stuff is gorgeous and perfect on my long natural nails. my nails are over filed and thin near the tips and this stuff is able to build up enough structure to make my nails feel really strong and secure. its also super easy to use! I added a coat of flash and burn slick pour and o.m.g. its the prettiest natural look ive ever done. cant wait to play more with this stuff.

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