The Nails You Want vs. The Nails You Need

25th September 2020
Today Habib and Tracey talk about client expectations versus the reality of what they can actually wear on their nails. Tracey explains how she assesses a client’s needs, common misconceptions about acrylic and gel, and why she keeps both services the same price point.    

Instagram Nails vs. Real Nails

28th August 2020
Are the amazing nails you see on instagram practical for salon success? Today Habib and Tracey talk about the difference between nails that are worthy of being on a magazine cover and nails that are feasible to achieve in an actual salon.  

Does Nail Brush Size Matter?

23rd July 2020
Does brush size matter when it comes to pearl size and consistency? Today Greg walks you through acrylic application using a size #8 versus a size #12 brush and explains how to achieve the same size pearl using both.  

No New Nail Clients

13th July 2020
Today Habib and Tracey talk about the “No New Clients” statement on profile descriptions. If you’re fully booked, what is the best way for you to communicate that to people who are interested in your nail services?      

How to Finance a New Nail Salon

26th June 2020
Are you thinking about opening your own nail salon? Today Habib and Tracey give you practical advice about planning and executing your new business venture.    


5th June 2020
On today’s Biz Talk, Habib @hsalo27 and Tracey @treierson talk about whether or not it’s possible for coronavirus to contaminate nail products such as powder, liquid, and polish.  
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