New Intense Pink Acrylic Powders!!!

1st April 2021
Today we reveal the NEW intensely pink acrylic powders that we are adding to our collection this .These gorgeous pink shades are more vibrant than any other pinks in our existing line and are going to look absolutely beautiful on your client’s nails.

Top 5 Nail Myths Debunked!

22nd March 2021
So many nail myths out there, but these are the most talked about in the industry! In today's vlog, Habib and Tracey debunk these crazy nail myths and bring you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Hard Gel vs Soft Gel

22nd March 2021
Today Habib and Tracey discuss the differences between hard gel and soft gel in terms of which can be soaked off, which can be used to build enhancements, and how they compare to other services in the salon.

Is Client Pressure Real?

1st March 2021
Today Habib and Tracey talk about client pressure in the salon. What should a nail tech do if a client requests nail art that she is uncomfortable with doing? How should a nail tech handle a client who does not respect the policies she has in place?

Is the Salon Owner Responsible for the Quality of All Nail Services?

1st March 2021
If a client is unhappy with their nails, should they take the issue up to the salon owner? How much responsibility does an owner have for the quality of the nails done in her salon? Habib and Tracey discuss when the salon owner should step in for disputes between a...

Would You Take Back a Client You've Had a Bad Experience With?

1st March 2021
Today Habib and Tracey discuss whether you should take back a client after having a bad experience with them. Which situations are reparable and which are not likely to work out the second time around?
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