How to Build a Nail's Free Edge | Become An Expert with Acrylic

July 22, 2022
In Today's Video, you're going to learn how to build a free edge, which is the first step in sculpting acrylic. The free edge serves as a guide for when you apply your overlay bead to build the cuticle area and the body of the nail.

How To Customize Nail Forms FOR BEGINNERS | Become an Expert with Acrylic

July 7, 2022
We're going to show you 3 common problems you might run into when using nail forms, and how to fix them by customizing your nail forms!

Top 5 Salon Timesaving Tips

May 5, 2022
How can you save time in the nail salon? Today Habib and Tracey discuss five easy changes you can make to your salon business that will help you shorten your services and ultimately make more money.

Everything you need to know about nail files and Buffers

April 28, 2022
Today Tracey explains the differences between all of the nail files and buffers in the Young Nails line. She explains what the grit numbers mean, how to use each of them, and which part of the service she likes to use each one. Shop Files & Buffers


March 24, 2022
The best selling nail primer in the UK by Young Nails ✔️ Today Greg is going to explain how to use Protein Bond for acrylic, hard gel, gel polish, and nail polish application. View Protein Bond This is the leader in non-acid adhesion without the corrosive primers. Our proprietary polymer...

A Beginner's Guide to Nail Brushes

March 21, 2022
In today’s video, Karen is going to explain what all of the Nail Brushes in the YN line are used for and the differences between them. Then she’ll walk you through how to clean and store them so that they last longer. Shop brushes
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