How to use Slickpour Dip Powder?

April 12, 2024
Nobody likes double dipping. Young Nails Slickpour is the easiest powder coating system. The Air Dry application and removal process is a breakthrough in nail enhancement technology. With a service that’s clean and fast; you’ll go crazy over the mighty staying power and glossy powder coat finish of each set....

What you need to start a Nail Salon?

April 3, 2024
“MIGHTY THINGS FROM SMALL BEGINNINGS GROW.” — JOHN DRYDEN. In the early stages of your nail profession, there is a multitude of tempting products and tools to stuff in your salon kit. Who hasn’t wanted to redirect funds from a boring yet wise purchase for something racier like a seasonal...

How to use Protein Bond

March 27, 2024
The Best Selling Nail Primer in the UK by Young Nails ✔️ Protein Bond is an absolute must have if you’re a nail pro and it will save your clients nails from chipping and lifting no matter what service you offer: Hard Gel, Acrylic and even Gel Polish. How to...

Low-Odour Acrylic Nails: Beauty Without the Scent

March 7, 2024
Welcome to the future of nail care, where beauty meets comfort, and scent takes a backseat. In today’s blog post, we jump into the world of Young Nails low-odour acrylic system, a game-changer for both nail technicians and clients alike. What Makes Low Odour Acrylic Systems Different? YN Extreme Low-odour...

A 30 Minute Nail service

February 29, 2024
“THEY ALWAYS SAY TIME CHANGES THINGS, BUT YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO CHANGE THEM YOURSELF.” – ANDY WARHOL Your time is precious.  So what if we told you when it comes to nails that short and sweet interactions can’t be beat? In fact, they should definitely be incorporated into your booking...

Professional Nail Kits

February 1, 2024
Best Way To Start Creating Acrylic or Gel Nails Discovering Young Nails With Professional Kits If you’re into Nails, you know that having the right tools is super important. Young Nails is like a superstar in the world of Nails, and our kits are packed with everything you need to...
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