Coronavirus and Nail Salons

19th March 2020
If you work in a salon, you are in constant contact with people. How do you keep your clients and yourself protected from pandemic diseases such as the coronavirus? Today Habib and Tracey talk about good hygiene practices and how you should communicate these precautions to your clients.    ...

How Thick Should Acrylic Nails Be?

12th March 2020
How thick do acrylic nails need to be to have structural strength? Today Greg shows you how to sculpt beautiful coffin shaped acrylic nails that are tick enough to withstand everyday life.    

How to Handle Cancellation and Deposit Policies as a Nail Tech

5th March 2020
  On today’s Biz Talk, Habib and Tracey talk about how to handle cancellations and deposits. What kinds of policies should nail techs have in place to avoid empty slots in their schedule? How do you communicate these policies to your clients?

Can You Be A Professional Nail Tech Without a License?

31st January 2020
Do you have to have a license to practice as a nail technician? The answer really depends on where you live- in today’s Biz Talk Tracey and Habib discuss where you must have a license, as well as where it is okay to practice without one. -      

Is It Okay to Mix Nail Brands?

16th January 2020
A lot of people ask if it's okay to mix nail products from different manufacturers. In today’s Biz Talk, Habib and Tracey will tell you the absolute truth about mixing nail brands.    

5 Mistakes Beginner Nail Professionals Make & How to Fix Them

16th January 2020
Today Tracey Reierson goes over the 5 most common mistakes that beginners make in regards to prep, form application, acrylic application, filing, and education.    
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