Common Mistakes with Top Coat Application

November 12, 2021
Is your top coat peeling, chipping, or cracking? Habib and Tracey are here to help you out with the most common mistakes nail techs make with top coats. Shop Gel top coats

Red Flags in the Nail Salon

November 12, 2021
On today’s episode of the Biz Talk, Habib and Tracey talk about the most common red flags that nail techs may encounter with clients, nail salons, and salon owners.

Chillin' Chattin & Nails | More Sneak Peeks of New YN Items!

November 8, 2021
In this weeks Twitch Live highlights Greg and Habib show off one of our new launch items for Black Friday (item not available yet) and Greg lets out the secret of the sale start date.

When Your Client Wants Instagram Nails

November 8, 2021
How should you respond when your client wants nails they found on Instagram? Today Habib and Tracey talk about how to effectively communicate your skill set to your client, without feeling guilty or inadequate.

1 Bead vs 3 Bead Method for Building Acrylic Nails

October 14, 2021
Should you build an acrylic nail with one pearl or three pearls? How many pearls of acrylic should you use directly at the cuticle area? Today Greg will demonstrate how to properly sculpt an active length nail using both a 1 ball and 3 ball method and explain how to...

The Easy Way to do Smile Line Maintenance

October 14, 2021
Today Greg is going to show you the easy way to do a smile line maintenance fill using an electric file.
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