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(8 customer reviews)

ManiQ Fibre Gel with keratin

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Product description

Mani•Q Fibre Gel

This is the essential product for a classic natural-looking nail enhancement.  Mani•Q Fiber Gel + Keratin applies effortlessly and self-levels. Create a beautiful manicure with 2-4 weeks of extended wear due to incredible adhesion. Ideal for anyone interested in a bonus layer of protection for natural nails in transition.

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Customer Reviews

(8 customer reviews)

8 reviews for ManiQ Fibre Gel with keratin

  1. Alex

    this stuff is gorgeous and perfect on my long natural nails. my nails are over filed and thin near the tips and this stuff is able to build up enough structure to make my nails feel really strong and secure. its also super easy to use! I added a coat of flash and burn slick pour and o.m.g. its the prettiest natural look ive ever done. cant wait to play more with this stuff.

  2. Vanessa

    I love this, my clientele has natural length growth goals and this stuff is magic! Its my go to when clients need and want natural nail growth and STRENGTH! Love it!

  3. Elizabeth

    I used this for the 1st time. You wont regret it. Made my nails strong. I used a gel polish on top. My nails looks really good.

  4. Melissa

    my sister’s nails were so damaged after trying to remove acrylic on her own. they were brittle and sensitive from over-filing w/ a cheap nail file. after applying this product, her nails were no longer sensitive, filled in the hole that had cracked in the middle of her nail bed, and overall the nails look so smooth like she just had acrylic or hard gel applied to her nails. will definitely purchase again.

  5. hunny.munch (verified owner)

    Da bomb! My nails were so sensitive and brittle from gels that I was worried they’ll never return to optimum strength again, I was umming and aaaring about buying this stuff for a while and so glad I took the plunge! Don’t delay just buy the damn thing. You’ll be glad you did, I’m just about to purchase my second bottle ?

  6. Michelle

    This stuff makes me love my natural Nails. I Can now wear my nails “bare” without feeling self-conscious. You won’t want to run out of this!

  7. Anya

    IT’S the BEST no lifting or chipping! I can’t wait to try the new colours!

  8. Crystal

    I have Switched all my hard gel Clients to the keratin fibre. I have had amazing results and my clients that have had lifting in the past no longer do.

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